• GCB - Good Class Bungalows are at the highest end of the luxury segment in Singapore‚Äôs property market.
Transaction List

Transaction List

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No.Address Purchased PricePsfArea (Sqft)TypeDate BCA Info
1X ASTRID HILL$ 55,088,000$ 1,98927,699ResaleNov-2022N.A
22XX YARWOOD AVE$ 29,700,000$ 1,60418,519ResaleNov-2022N.A
33X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 23,500,000$ 2,7618,511ResaleOct-2022Modification Before Sale
45X CORNWALL GARDENS$ 47,000,000$ 2,16221,740ResaleSep-2022N.A
55X LEEDON PARK$ 34,000,000$ 2,22915,256ResaleSep-2022N.A
63X BINJAI PARK$ 28,200,000$ 1,81815,515ResaleSep-2022N.A
74XXX BUKIT TIMAH RD$ 17,700,000$ 2,4357,270ResaleSep-2022Modification Before Sale
83X CHESTNUT CRESCENT$ 10,300,000$ 1,2838,030ResaleAug-2022Modification Before Sale
96X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 23,500,000$ 2,23010,540ResaleAug-2022N.A
108X BELMONT RD$ 55,500,000$ 2,05627,000ResaleAug-2022Modification Before Sale
113X WHITE HOUSE PARK$ 45,500,000$ 3,01715,081ResaleAug-2022Modification Before Sale
124X MARGOLIOUTH RD$ 15,200,000$ 2,5046,071ResaleJul-2022N.A
13X SWISS CLUB RD$ 27,280,000$ 2,02313,482ResaleJul-2022Modification Before Sale
145X SIXTH AVE$ 13,080,000$ 1,4209,214ResaleJul-2022Modification Before Sale
153X CORNWALL GARDENS$ 40,488,000$ 2,51716,089ResaleJul-2022Modification Before Sale
168X CHESTNUT DR$ 21,080,000$ 1,35115,599ResaleJun-2022Modification Before Sale
17X CHESTNUT CRESCENT$ 8,500,000$ 1,1997,091ResaleJun-2022N.A
18X HOLLAND HEIGHTS$ 11,000,000$ 1,5487,107ResaleJun-2022N.A
191X SWISS CLUB RD$ 26,300,000$ 1,35519,406ResaleJun-2022N.A
205X ANDREW RD$ 33,000,000$ 1,22526,934ResaleJun-2022N.A
215X BINJAI PARK$ 22,800,000$ 1,87612,155ResaleJun-2022N.A
22X JAL HARUM$ 18,180,000$ 2,1068,633ResaleMay-2022N.A
232X KINGSMEAD RD$ 14,735,000$ 2,1836,750ResaleMay-2022N.A
24X DUNEARN CLOSE$ 25,000,000$ 1,39917,871ResaleApr-2022Modification Before Sale
251X OLIVE RD$ 50,236,200$ 1,80027,909ResaleApr-2022N.A
261X CASSIA DR$ 22,000,000$ 2,07110,625ResaleApr-2022N.A
27X ASH GROVE$ 25,000,000$ 2,5299,885ResaleApr-2022Modification Before Sale
281X CALDECOTT CLOSE$ 13,250,000$ 1,3369,920ResaleApr-2022N.A
292X OEI TIONG HAM PARK$ 22,800,000$ 2,08510,933ResaleMar-2022N.A
307X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 19,500,000$ 1,87410,404ResaleMar-2022N.A
31X CHESTNUT CLOSE$ 29,300,000$ 1,30422,472ResaleMar-2022Modification Before Sale
324X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 29,000,000$ 2,76710,481ResaleMar-2022Modification Before Sale
331X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 22,000,000$ 2,07510,600ResaleMar-2022N.A
344X CHANCERY LANE$ 66,060,000$ 1,93134,216ResaleMar-2022N.A
359X GALLOP PARK RD$ 35,500,000$ 2,72313,037ResaleMar-2022Modification Before Sale
36X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 24,100,000$ 2,34010,300ResaleFeb-2022Modification Before Sale
373X KINGSMEAD RD$ 14,500,000$ 2,2986,310ResaleFeb-2022N.A
384X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 17,100,000$ 1,7179,962ResaleFeb-2022N.A
391X GARLICK AVE$ 29,880,000$ 1,97415,137ResaleFeb-2022N.A
401X NAMLY HILL$ 24,800,000$ 2,23711,087ResaleFeb-2022N.A
411X GARLICK AVE$ 19,000,000$ 1,48712,778ResaleJan-2022N.A
422X CASSIA DR$ 22,000,000$ 2,2069,973ResaleJan-2022Modification Before Sale
432XX LORNIE RD$ 24,800,000$ 98125,272ResaleJan-2022Modification After Sale