• GCB - Good Class Bungalows are at the highest end of the luxury segment in Singapore‚Äôs property market.
Transaction List

Transaction List

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No.Address Purchased PricePsfArea (Sqft)TypeDate BCA Info
14X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 20,000,000$ 1,90810,481ResaleDec-2018Modification Before Sale
22X OEI TIONG HAM PARK$ 19,350,000$ 1,28615,046ResaleDec-2018Modification After Sale
38X GALLOP RD$ 26,000,000$ 1,72215,101ResaleDec-2018Modification After Sale
41X CLUNY RD$ 30,800,000$ 1,90116,199ResaleNov-2018Modification Before Sale
51X CASSIA DR$ 18,388,888$ 1,73110,625ResaleNov-2018N.A
61X BISHOPSGATE$ 26,000,000$ 1,57116,552ResaleNov-2018N.A
75X MARGOLIOUTH RD$ 11,000,000$ 1,8286,016ResaleNov-2018N.A
8X OEI TIONG HAM PARK$ 22,000,000$ 1,55414,157ResaleOct-2018Modification Before Sale
9X CASSIA DR$ 16,128,000$ 1,54210,458ResaleOct-2018Modification After Sale
101X WINDSOR PARK HILL$ 23,500,000$ 1,06821,995ResaleOct-2018Modification After Sale
112X BISHOPSGATE$ 27,888,000$ 1,84915,085ResaleOct-2018Modification After Sale
124X JAL KAMPONG CHANTEK$ 15,300,000$ 1,37211,155ResaleOct-2018Modification Before Sale
138X DALVEY RD$ 93,900,000$ 1,80452,059ResaleSep-2018Modification Before Sale
141X CAMDEN PARK$ 40,000,000$ 1,37329,144ResaleSep-2018Modification After Sale
15X KINGSMEAD RD$ 15,000,000$ 1,5809,494ResaleSep-2018Modification After Sale
16X WOOLLERTON DR$ 16,600,000$ 1,6859,850ResaleSep-2018Modification After Sale
172X CHESTNUT CRESCENT$ 8,800,000$ 1,1037,977ResaleSep-2018N.A
182XX HOLLAND RD$ 13,500,000$ 1,3939,694ResaleAug-2018N.A
194X BELMONT RD$ 33,800,000$ 2,24315,070ResaleAug-2018Modification Before Sale
20X SECOND AVE$ 27,500,000$ 1,37519,996ResaleAug-2018Modification After Sale
211X BINJAI RISE$ 14,200,000$ 83417,035ResaleAug-2018Modification After Sale
221X SUNSET AVE$ 15,700,000$ 1,54210,178ResaleAug-2018N.A
23X ANDREW RD$ 13,111,888$ 1,20810,858ResaleJul-2018N.A
248X BELMONT RD$ 43,500,000$ 1,43030,420ResaleJul-2018N.A
25X JERVOIS HILL$ 41,200,000$ 2,72915,094ResaleJun-2018Modification Before Sale
262X CORONATION RD WEST$ 36,000,000$ 1,41625,429ResaleJun-2018Modification After Sale
271X DUNEARN CLOSE$ 11,800,000$ 83714,093ResaleMay-2018Modification After Sale
28X SWETTENHAM RD$ 23,800,000$ 1,57115,149ResaleMay-2018Modification After Sale
291X WOOLLERTON DR$ 14,773,000$ 1,8188,127ResaleMay-2018Modification After Sale
301X WOOLLERTON DR$ 14,000,000$ 1,7168,158ResaleMay-2018Modification Before Sale
31X JAL KAMPONG CHANTEK$ 13,000,000$ 1,20410,796ResaleMay-2018Modification Before Sale
32X CASSIA DR$ 14,550,000$ 1,42110,237ResaleApr-2018Modification After Sale
336X BIN TONG PARK$ 48,000,000$ 2,06323,270ResaleMar-2018Modification After Sale
344XX BINJAI PARK$ 20,500,000$ 1,04019,708ResaleMar-2018Modification After Sale
356X DALVEY RD$ 35,400,000$ 1,75720,144ResaleMar-2018Modification After Sale
367X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 13,200,000$ 1,26910,404ResaleMar-2018N.A
372XX YARWOOD AVE$ 19,400,000$ 1,20116,148ResaleMar-2018Modification Before Sale
381XX ENG NEO AVE$ 23,300,000$ 1,36517,067ResaleJan-2018Modification Before Sale
39X JAL SENANDONG$ 14,500,000$ 1,5119,599ResaleJan-2018Modification After Sale
404X BINJAI PARK$ 18,261,100$ 1,30014,047ResaleJan-2018Modification After Sale
413X LEEDON RD$ 57,500,000$ 1,30943,927ResaleJan-2018Modification After Sale