• GCB - Good Class Bungalows are at the highest end of the luxury segment in Singapore‚Äôs property market.
Transaction List

Transaction List

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No.Address Purchased PricePsfArea (Sqft)TypeDate BCA Info
11X EAST SUSSEX LANE$ 36,882,500$ 1,00036,883ResaleDec-2019N.A
25X CHESTNUT CRESCENT$ 6,300,000$ 9336,751ResaleDec-2019N.A
33X CLUNY HILL$ 30,800,000$ 2,02515,208ResaleDec-2019Modification Before Sale
41X CHESTNUT AVE$ 6,050,000$ 1,1175,414ResaleDec-2019Modification After Sale
52X CASSIA DR$ 21,800,000$ 1,96911,073ResaleNov-2019Modification Before Sale
69X BINJAI PARK$ 10,500,000$ 1,1649,018ResaleNov-2019N.A
7X MARYLAND DR$ 30,000,000$ 1,36921,912ResaleNov-2019N.A
85X TANGLIN HILL$ 31,500,000$ 1,91516,446ResaleOct-2019Modification After Sale
9X WILMONAR AVE$ 8,480,000$ 1,5175,591ResaleOct-2019N.A
108X BELMONT RD$ 34,500,000$ 1,27827,000ResaleOct-2019Modification Before Sale
11X BELMONT RD$ 18,600,000$ 1,13916,327ResaleOct-2019Modification Before Sale
12X JAL SENANDONG$ 12,900,000$ 1,4329,006ResaleSep-2019N.A
132X SWISS CLUB RD$ 9,500,000$ 94210,090ResaleSep-2019Modification After Sale
141X ASTRID HILL$ 47,000,000$ 1,74226,983ResaleSep-2019N.A
15X ANDREW RD$ 10,380,000$ 1,0509,884ResaleAug-2019Modification After Sale
161X JAL KAMPONG CHANTEK$ 13,000,000$ 1,3689,502ResaleAug-2019Modification After Sale
173X JAL KAMPONG CHANTEK$ 10,800,000$ 1,0969,852ResaleAug-2019Modification After Sale
18X CHESTNUT CLOSE$ 6,000,000$ 1,0005,999ResaleAug-2019N.A
194X LEEDON PARK$ 28,000,000$ 1,47618,974ResaleJul-2019Modification Before Sale
207XX OLD HOLLAND RD$ 18,600,000$ 1,03917,903ResaleJul-2019N.A
212X LINDEN DR$ 13,000,000$ 1,24310,456ResaleJul-2019Modification After Sale
221X LEEDON PARK$ 31,000,000$ 2,00015,500ResaleJul-2019Modification Before Sale
234X JAL ASUHAN$ 9,500,000$ 1,2327,709ResaleJul-2019Modification After Sale
243XX QUEEN ASTRID PARK$ 23,600,000$ 1,48715,875ResaleJun-2019Modification After Sale
256X BELMONT RD$ 39,800,000$ 2,65315,001ResaleJun-2019Modification Before Sale
264X FORD AVE$ 17,000,000$ 85719,842ResaleJun-2019N.A
271X MARYLAND DR$ 25,000,000$ 1,30419,170ResaleJun-2019N.A
284X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 17,000,000$ 1,67310,163ResaleJun-2019Modification Before Sale
293X JAL KAMPONG CHANTEK$ 10,500,000$ 1,1559,091ResaleMay-2019Modification After Sale
30X JAL SENANDONG$ 13,285,000$ 1,5288,692ResaleMay-2019Modification After Sale
312X THIRD AVE$ 18,800,000$ 1,15516,271ResaleMay-2019N.A
322XX RIDOUT RD$ 25,680,000$ 1,16622,017ResaleMay-2019Modification Before Sale
334X JAL KAMPONG CHANTEK$ 10,300,000$ 1,1578,899ResaleApr-2019Modification After Sale
34X ANDREW RD$ 10,100,000$ 1,1029,166ResaleMar-2019Modification After Sale
352XX SWISS CLUB RD$ 18,800,000$ 1,23215,264ResaleMar-2019Modification After Sale
362X CLUNY HILL$ 40,999,998$ 2,71615,098ResaleFeb-2019Modification Before Sale
371X EWART PARK$ 30,000,000$ 1,09227,464ResaleFeb-2019Modification After Sale
381X YARWOOD AVE$ 22,150,000$ 1,16419,036ResaleFeb-2019Modification After Sale
394X JAL ASUHAN$ 14,200,000$ 1,21211,718ResaleFeb-2019Modification After Sale
401X JERVOIS HILL$ 30,880,000$ 2,03215,194ResaleJan-2019Modification Before Sale
414X MARGOLIOUTH RD$ 9,750,000$ 1,6036,082ResaleJan-2019Modification After Sale