• GCB - Good Class Bungalows are at the highest end of the luxury segment in Singapore‚Äôs property market.
Transaction List

Transaction List

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No.Address Purchased PricePsfArea (Sqft)TypeDate BCA Info
11X LEWIS RD$ 18,680,000$ 1,50012,454ResaleDec-2021Modification After Sale
22X LINDEN DR$ 27,000,000$ 2,45111,014ResaleDec-2021Modification Before Sale
35X OEI TIONG HAM PARK$ 17,000,000$ 1,24913,611ResaleDec-2021Modification Before Sale
42X YARWOOD AVE$ 48,800,000$ 1,53231,863ResaleDec-2021Modification Before Sale
5X FIRST AVE$ 40,800,000$ 2,04020,001ResaleDec-2021Modification Before Sale
65X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 17,600,000$ 1,65110,660ResaleNov-2021N.A
7X CALDECOTT CLOSE$ 13,900,000$ 1,3919,990ResaleNov-2021Modification After Sale
84X SWETTENHAM RD$ 22,500,000$ 1,46115,398ResaleNov-2021Modification After Sale
99X FERNHILL RD$ 29,000,000$ 1,85915,601ResaleOct-2021Modification After Sale
10X SECOND AVE$ 33,388,888$ 1,67119,984ResaleOct-2021Modification Before Sale
116X BINJAI PARK$ 37,500,000$ 1,45725,740ResaleOct-2021Modification After Sale
124X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 17,688,888$ 1,64910,730ResaleOct-2021N.A
132X CORONATION RD WEST$ 36,000,000$ 1,46824,531ResaleOct-2021N.A
141XX LORNIE RD$ 26,800,000$ 2,54510,529ResaleSep-2021Modification Before Sale
153X DUNEARN CLOSE$ 18,500,000$ 1,54711,960ResaleSep-2021Modification After Sale
161XX LORNIE RD$ 7,630,000$ 1,0097,560ResaleSep-2021Modification After Sale
177X CHESTNUT DR$ 9,300,000$ 1,3007,152ResaleSep-2021N.A
181XX CAMDEN PARK$ 32,500,000$ 1,95716,607ResaleSep-2021Modification After Sale
194XX BUKIT TIMAH RD$ 11,000,000$ 1,6236,778ResaleSep-2021N.A
205X CHEE HOON AVE$ 25,500,000$ 1,83413,906ResaleSep-2021Modification After Sale
214X KING ALBERT PARK$ 16,800,000$ 1,10815,165ResaleSep-2021Modification After Sale
22X OEI TIONG HAM PARK$ 18,000,000$ 1,74510,314ResaleAug-2021Modification Before Sale
231XXX CORONATION RD WEST$ 18,900,000$ 1,17416,103ResaleAug-2021Modification After Sale
241X FIFTH AVE$ 22,000,000$ 1,62913,508ResaleAug-2021Modification Before Sale
256X BELMONT RD$ 45,000,000$ 1,37932,627ResaleAug-2021Modification After Sale
262X YARWOOD AVE$ 23,180,000$ 1,50315,422ResaleAug-2021Modification After Sale
27X KING ALBERT PARK$ 19,550,000$ 1,24415,713ResaleAug-2021N.A
281X WOOLLERTON PARK$ 18,000,000$ 1,9029,463ResaleJul-2021N.A
295X CHESTNUT DR$ 23,700,000$ 1,28518,442ResaleJul-2021Modification After Sale
30X SECOND AVE$ 30,000,000$ 2,04514,667ResaleJul-2021Modification After Sale
311X CASSIA DR$ 19,380,000$ 1,9639,875ResaleJul-2021Modification After Sale
321X QUEEN ASTRID PARK$ 86,000,000$ 2,70431,807ResaleJul-2021Modification After Sale
331X SWISS CLUB LANE$ 24,500,000$ 1,39517,558ResaleJul-2021Modification After Sale
344X JAL SAMPURNA$ 20,500,000$ 2,03310,085ResaleJul-2021Modification Before Sale
35X BISHOPSGATE$ 65,000,000$ 2,20829,435ResaleJul-2021Modification After Sale
362X THIRD AVE$ 52,800,000$ 1,70630,954ResaleJul-2021Modification After Sale
373X CHATSWORTH PARK$ 30,000,000$ 1,33622,462ResaleJun-2021Modification Before Sale
389X BINJAI PARK$ 36,000,000$ 1,31827,320ResaleJun-2021Modification After Sale
393X SWETTENHAM RD$ 36,000,000$ 1,95418,427ResaleJun-2021N.A
402X OLIVE RD$ 36,000,000$ 1,53723,424ResaleJun-2021N.A
416X CABLE RD$ 32,000,000$ 2,10915,173ResaleJun-2021N.A
421X GARLICK AVE$ 23,500,000$ 1,42716,464ResaleJun-2021Modification After Sale
43X CASSIA DR$ 17,990,000$ 1,74710,298ResaleJun-2021Modification After Sale
443X REBECCA RD$ 29,000,000$ 1,41820,449ResaleJun-2021Modification Before Sale
451X DALVEY ESTATE$ 50,000,000$ 2,49420,049ResaleMay-2021Modification After Sale
461XX CABLE RD$ 35,500,000$ 1,84919,203ResaleMay-2021N.A
471X NAMLY HILL$ 15,000,000$ 1,9507,694ResaleMay-2021Modification Before Sale
482X CHANCERY LANE$ 43,500,000$ 1,85923,403ResaleMay-2021Modification After Sale
49X ASTRID HILL$ 44,300,000$ 1,41331,359ResaleMay-2021Modification After Sale
508XX OLD HOLLAND RD$ 32,500,000$ 1,25925,810ResaleMay-2021N.A
51X EAST SUSSEX LANE$ 29,000,000$ 1,06727,181ResaleMay-2021N.A
52X VICTORIA PARK CLOSE$ 28,328,000$ 1,85715,253ResaleMay-2021N.A
532X HOLLAND PARK$ 24,500,000$ 1,69914,416ResaleMay-2021N.A
541X NAMLY HILL$ 18,550,000$ 1,59011,667ResaleMay-2021Modification After Sale
552XX JERVOIS RD$ 30,000,000$ 1,99115,071ResaleMay-2021N.A
562X BELMONT RD$ 23,800,000$ 1,82313,056ResaleMay-2021Modification After Sale
573X FORD AVE$ 23,000,000$ 1,46115,741ResaleMay-2021Modification After Sale
583XX CHESTNUT CRESCENT$ 7,580,000$ 7879,633ResaleMay-2021N.A
597X GRANGE RD$ 48,000,000$ 1,69728,288ResaleApr-2021Modification After Sale
608XX OLD HOLLAND RD$ 23,200,000$ 1,40016,569ResaleApr-2021N.A
61X CLUNY HILL$ 63,700,000$ 4,29114,844New SaleApr-2021Modification Before Sale
62X DALVEY ESTATE$ 28,000,000$ 1,64317,045ResaleApr-2021Modification After Sale
634X KINGSMEAD RD$ 11,990,000$ 1,7756,757ResaleApr-2021Modification After Sale
644X JAL KAMPONG CHANTEK$ 12,250,000$ 1,16210,539ResaleApr-2021Modification After Sale
651XX YARWOOD AVE$ 23,100,000$ 1,22118,911ResaleApr-2021N.A
662X FORD AVE$ 29,000,000$ 1,85715,621ResaleApr-2021N.A
677X GARLICK AVE$ 11,300,000$ 1,2259,222ResaleApr-2021Modification After Sale
68X JAL PASIRAN$ 18,380,000$ 1,50212,237ResaleMar-2021Modification After Sale
69X BINJAI HILL$ 22,800,000$ 1,05121,694ResaleMar-2021N.A
703X NASSIM RD$ 128,800,800$ 4,00532,160ResaleMar-2021Modification After Sale
711XX FORD AVE$ 26,500,000$ 1,66615,902ResaleMar-2021N.A
723X RIDLEY PARK$ 26,600,000$ 2,16312,299ResaleMar-2021N.A
738X BINJAI PARK$ 17,080,000$ 1,70010,047ResaleMar-2021Modification Before Sale
748XX OLD HOLLAND RD$ 28,000,000$ 1,37620,345ResaleFeb-2021Modification After Sale
751X CHESTNUT CLOSE$ 8,900,000$ 1,0048,863ResaleFeb-2021Modification After Sale
762XX PEIRCE RD$ 30,880,000$ 1,95115,826ResaleFeb-2021Modification Before Sale
778X FIRST AVE$ 13,500,000$ 1,26210,695ResaleFeb-2021Modification After Sale
784X CHESTNUT CRESCENT$ 9,800,000$ 92010,651ResaleFeb-2021Modification After Sale
79X DALVEY ESTATE$ 40,000,000$ 1,77622,526ResaleFeb-2021Modification Before Sale
80X PEIRCE HILL$ 28,800,000$ 1,66917,260ResaleFeb-2021N.A
811X LEEDON PARK$ 37,300,000$ 1,72821,584ResaleJan-2021N.A
828X BINJAI PARK$ 31,350,000$ 1,38422,649ResaleJan-2021Modification Before Sale
833X CHESTNUT CRESCENT$ 10,888,000$ 90612,012ResaleJan-2021N.A
84X SWETTENHAM CLOSE$ 48,000,000$ 2,89316,594ResaleJan-2021Modification Before Sale
85X SWISS CLUB LANE$ 12,999,000$ 1,07512,087ResaleJan-2021Modification After Sale
86X KING ALBERT PARK$ 43,350,000$ 1,22235,482ResaleJan-2021Modification After Sale
872X YARWOOD AVE$ 19,800,000$ 1,22516,163ResaleJan-2021Modification Before Sale
882XX JERVOIS RD$ 30,300,000$ 1,56719,333ResaleJan-2021N.A
891X CHATSWORTH AVE$ 27,380,000$ 2,9389,319ResaleJan-2021Modification After Sale
905X JAL KAMPONG CHANTEK$ 11,700,000$ 1,1769,952ResaleJan-2021Modification After Sale